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Health Wellness Consultant Bolingbroke

Dorothy Fisher, Healthcare Consultant

Bringing Healing and Restoration to the total man

"You were meant to be Happy" inspirational public speaking

Teaching, Ministering and Healing on the total man

Health Wellness Consultant Bolingbroke

Company Data

Dorothy's Healing School of Ministry LLC is an healthcare consulting firm, located in Southern Georgia. We believe  in the wholistic well-being of the total man, spirit, soul and body. We are a company of integrity. We deliver as advertised.  

Dorothy Fisher: co-owner, founder 

Health Wellness Consultant Bolingbroke

Earnest Fisher: co-owner

Health Wellness Consultant Bolingbroke

Our Services

Core Competencies:

    Educate, equip, empower on being mentally stable in the lieu of mental health illnesses/ conditions to include PTSD, anxiety, suicide ideations, additions and pandemic crises.

    Educate, equip, empower on being physical healthy in the lieu of medical illnesses/

conditions to include hypertension, diabetes mellitus, arthritis, strokes, paralysis, dementia, cancer.

    Educate, equip, empower on the spirituality of man, which is an often overlook part of man but yet plays a major role in man's healing and total well-being


    Our quality is second to none

    Offer small &  large group sizes or one to one consultations -backed up with professional services

    Onsite PTSD Therapy Classes in being mentally stable and in control

    Healing School Classes

    No hynosis

Primary NAICS Codes:

    611430: Professional and Mgnt Development training

    541618: Other management consulting services

    611710: Educational support services

    623220: Residential mental health & substance abuse facilities

    813110: Religious organizations

    621399: Offices of all other misc health practitioners

    813920: Professional organization

Enjoy Life in Freedom and Happiness

At Dorothy's Healing School of Ministry, we provide wholistic healthcare service to the total man, spirit, soul and body, and to empower mankind to live his highest God's given functioning capacity to enjoy all the freedom and happiness in this 

Health Wellness Consultant Bolingbroke
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