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Earnest Fisher

On February 2, 2021, I had a major fall that required 19 stitches to the back of my head and I was eventually hospitalized. This major injury affected my neuro system and my ability to walk without falling to almost the complete lost of my voice and ability to speak, write and read coherently. I even forgot how to pray to God, the one whom I love. Wow. Basically, I was not able to care for myself. My wife along with help from others had to do everything for me including pushing me around in a wheelchair. Alll medical tests included all repeat tests such as repeat CT and MRI were all normal. I saw multiple doctors and none of them could medically pinpoint what was medically wrong with me. I knew that my condition was not God best for me and Satan would not win the battle. I thank Gd that I had a relationship with him. Itrusted God and God was with me in my storm. Day by day, I began to get better and recover my strength, walk, talk, cook and drive again in less than three months. God heal my body!!! Eventually, my doctor told me that only 1% percent of would have made it with my medical condition. As I continue to gained more strength everyday,I give glory to God!! God is a healer!!

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